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Web Pages of Family, Friends, and Sponsors
Siskiyou County ARES Frank (N6MRX)  Ham Radio in North Eastern California.
LazyT Ranch Nannette is doing a great job on her brand-new page.

The Breeder where we got
Bart & Tide

Bethel Harbor is Bethel Island's Finest Full Service Marina.

Simple and accurate ballistic software for comparing loads and optimizing your ammo.

Cut Rifled Custom Barrels.

Bear Basin Outfitters Premium Quality Optics.
Dakota Coyote Howler Coyote calls and info on Coyote Calling.
VeteranPredatorHunters These guys are really good.

out their new Varmint Page. This is where I buy all of my 17 HMR ammo.

MidwayUSA A complete source for hunting, shooting, and reloading supplies. They also support the NRA and have an NRA "Round-Up" which helps to protect the Second Amendment.
MidwayUSA Cupons & Deals See the savings at MidwayUSA.

Full Time Taxidermist in Tennessee. The largest selection of game calls on the Internet!

Feathers & Fur South Africa Varmint Hunting Tours & Game Calls. Interesting info on South Africa varmints.

New California Predators Club. They have an excellent forum.
The best 6mm BR Norma & 6mm BR Improved resource on the Internet.

Paul Shanklin's Political Humor. Also heard on Rush.

MeAndAl Electric Quality Electrical work for both Commercial and Industrial Projects.

I am using the FireFox browser. You can too.  It is free and well worth the price!

The best prices and the largest in stock inventory of Rifle Scopes, Binoculars, and Spotting Scopes.

Guns and Hunting Forums. Asking & Answering questions.
California Predators Club Forum This is the best forum I have found. I visit it every day. Once I found out about the "View New Posts" option, it has become my favorite. Almost never a harsh word here. I highly recommend this forum and am a member of this forum located in the Sacramento, CA area. Great bunch of guys. If you hunt predators and/or varmints, this is the place!
Go Go Varmint Go Message Board A good Varmint Hunting discussion forum with Q&A's Great bunch of guys here to talk with about guns and Varmint Hunting. I visit it most every day. Varmint Hunting Forum.
Tak Driver's Forum Check out the new forum.
The Accurate Reloading ForumsOver 9150 fellow hunters, shooters who reload. Also many other subjects covered.
check.gif (165 bytes) Small Caliber An excellent Small Caliber Forum. If you have a 17, 19, or 20 caliber, this is the place.
Predator Masters Hunting the Hunters Forum.
The Huntmasters BBS A Forum with excellent discussions on Coyote Hunting.
Varmint Hunters Northwest A Forum for Varmint Hunters.
Predator Talk Forum
Predator Fever Predator Hunting Forum.
Varmint Hunting International Forum for Varmint Hunters.
The Outdoors Forum All hunting and fishing subjects covered.
Michigan Predator Hunting and Predator Hunting Forum.
Mossberg Forum New Forum about the New Mossberg MVP
South Carolina Outdoor News Forums

Red Mist Hunters Forum New forum on varmint hunting.
check.gif (165 bytes)RimFireCentral.comA good forum on the 17 HMR. About 11,500 members.
CZ Owner's Club Forum. A new forum for CZ Rifle Owners.
Graybeard Outdoors Forum There are a number of good forum subjects here.
Extensive Hunting Related Forum.
Seekers of the Red Mist Washington State Hunting Forum.
Richard's Custom Rifles plus Rifle Smithing Videos & Groundhog Hunting Videos
Pennsylvania Firearm Owners Association - web site and forum. - Firearms, Guns & Weapons community discussion forums. Galleries, Reviews, Articles, Links and much more.
Deer Hunting Deer Hunting Forum with Tips and photo gallery. Missouri Hunting Forums. Forum for waterfowl hunters. BuckMASTER'S Talk Forum BBS A forum for hunting information with Q&A's including a new forum devoted to ballistics.
American Hunting & Outdoors Visit the Forums.
Hunting Information Talk Forum BBS Very good varmint hunting information with Q&A's
Backcountry Sportsmen outdoors fishing, hunting, camping, shooting Forum.
Nevada-Sierra County A.R.E.S. Ham Radio Forum. There is a Packet Radio thread.
Hunting Mark -- Info on scope sighted rifles.

Hunting, Varmint Hunting, and Calling pages
Real GunsLoaded with info, original content, and great archives.
CoyoteCanada by Jason de Jong. The BEST coyote hunting site! Superb photos and great original content on coyote hunting. Online Varmint Hunting Magazine.
Recovered the old Limit Out, Inc Hunting Page for history's sake.
Utah Varminters Association Excellent page with coyote calling info.
California Waterfowl Association Duck hunters looking after California's waterfowl, wetlands, and outdoor heritage.
Bill's Coyote Hunting Home Page Good hunting and calling info by Bill Porter.
Coyote Craze New coyote hunting video "Dean In Their Tracks" coming out soon.
California State Varmint Callers
Graybeard Outdoors Hunting-Shooting-Handguns & other Outdoor Sports Information
Colorado Varmint Hunter A prairie dog hunter's web page.
Shorthair's Home Page Great page. This guy likes to hunt and his politics are RIGHT too!
Bucksnort Hunting World A good start. Check out the pictures.
Calico Coyote Hounds Home Page Bill has a new web page and hunts coyotes with hounds.
Wisconsin Coyote Hunting Excellent Coyote Hunting Page.
Nirto's Coyote Hound & Hunting Adventure  
Texas Hunting & Fishing Network A collection of Links for Hunters and Fishermen.
Theo's Varmint Hunting Page Check out Theo's varmint hunters web page.
Ray and Keith's Groundhog Hunting Page   Ray and Keith have a good varmint hunting page..
Home On The RangeSheep Ranching in the Colorado Plains. Good page with Predation Pictures. Conservative politics too.
Jackson's Archery & Hunting Page
Exploding Groundhog Productions Varmint Hunting Extravaganza.
Wildlife on Small Properties Managing small properties to promote quality wildlife.
CodyAgo7 Hunting and Fishing page.
Big Game Hunting A good resource for the Big Game Hunter.
Blacktail Country  Information on Blacktail Deer Hunting.
17 HMR 10/22 Ruger 10/22 Magnum to 17 HMR info. Comprehensive Javelina Hunting Info. A Must Visit!  Photos, Stories, Deer Info
Coyote Hunting in Arkansas  
TexasBoars  Information and resources on hunting/trapping wild hogs. Small Caliber A site for Small Caliber shooting and reloading.
Crazy Varmint Hunting Visit Bryan's new Varmint Site.
PDshooter Visit PD's brand new web page and watch it grow.
Prairie Dog Hunting Pictures and info. Check it out.
Beartracker’s Animal Tracks Den Excellent web page on animal tracks.
Predator Calling in South Africa Use of lips, throat, hand caller and electronic callers. Looking for a Hunting Lease?
17 HMR Web Page  
The Gun Garage, LLC Traditional and Custom Firearm Refinishing.
My AR-15 Christopher has started a page on the AR-15. Check it out.
Survival Ideas Some interesting info here.
Alabama Mountain Man's Website Excellent site. Check it out.
Shooting the .50BMG Very interesting and informative page on the 50 BMG.
Techshooter's Shooting Pages Interesting information.
Backwoods & Water Outdoors Newest internet blog to record the outdoor adventures.
AR-15 Hunter Hunting the great country that is New Zealand.
Gary in NH Online Home Worth a visit. He likes Encores.
Adam's 1st Squirrel Dog A site all about Mule Deer Hunting.
Southern Arizona Wildlife Callers Sportsman’s Club open to men, women and families. Numerous articles on survival related info.
Shooters Notes Helping with Kentucky Windage and Tennessee Elevation.
Dakota Coyote Howler Coyote calls and info on Coyote Calling.
Long Range Rifle Hunting Within YOUR Reach.
Independent testing and evaluation of Guns and Gear with NO ads.
Whitetail info to help predict the best times to be on your stand.
  Groundhogs, Foxes, and Coyotes.
Post your hunting, shooting, and fishing pictures on the web.
Venado's White-tailed Deer Hunting in Texas and Mexico. Lots of info and Great Pictures.
Internet Shooting Directory (Formerly Rich's Firearms Page)
New Varmint Hunting Site.

State by State Game Regulations
Updated 5/13/05

ALABAMA............ Department of Fish and Game
ALASKA............. Department of Fish and Game
ARIZONA............ Game and Fish Department
ARKANSAS........... Game and Fish Commission
CALIFORNIA......... Department of Fish and Game
COLORADO........... Department of Natural Resources
DELAWARE........... Department of Natural Resources
FLORIDA............ Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission
GEORGIA............ Department of Natural Resources
HAWAII............. Dept. of Land and Natural Resources
IDAHO.............. Department of Fish and Game
ILLINOIS........... Department of Natural Resources
INDIANA............ Department of Natural Resources
IOWA............... Department of Wildlife Bureau
KANSAS............. Department of Wildlife and Parks
KENTUCKY........... Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Resources
LOUISIANA.......... Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
MAINE.............. Department of Conservation
MARYLAND........... Department of Natural Resources
MASSACHUSETTS...... Dept. of Fisheries and Wildlife
MICHIGAN........... Department of Wildlife Division
MINNESOTA.......... Department of Natural Resources
MISSISSIPPI........ Hunting Seasons
MISSOURI........... Department of Conservation Hunting
MONTANA............ Natural Resources Information
NEBRASKA........... Game and Parks Commission
NEVADA............. Fish and Game
NEW HAMPSHIRE...... Fish and Game Department
NEW JERSEY......... Division of Fish, Game
NEW MEXICO......... Department of Game and Fish
NEW YORK........... Department of Fish and Game
NORTH CAROLINA..... Wildlife Resources Commission
NORTH DAKOTA....... Department of Fish and Game
OHIO............... Division of Wildlife
OKLAHOMA........... Department of Wildlife Conservation
OREGON............. Department of Fish and Wildlife
PENNSYLVANIA....... Game Commission
SOUTH CAROLINA..... Department of Natural Resources
SOUTH DAKOTA....... Game, Fish, and Parks
TENNESSEE.......... Wildlife Resources Agency
TEXAS.............. Parks and Wildlife
UTAH............... Division of Wildlife Resources
VERMONT............ Fish and Wildlife Department
VIRGINIA........... Department of Game and Fisheries
WASHINGTON......... Department of Fish and Wildlife
WEST VIRGINIA...... Wildlife Resources
WISCONSIN.......... Department of Natural Resources
WYOMING............ Game and Fish Department

Commercial Hunting and Shooting Equipment Pages
Sportsman's Guide / rifle ammo
Thompson/Center Arms
bullbery.gif (7581 bytes)Bullberry Barrel Works Ltd.Excellent Barrels and Stock Work for the Contender and Encore.
Serving Shooters for over 30 Years.
24 Hour Where the Outdoors Flame Always Burns Bright!
Cut Rifled Custom Barrels.
huntinfo.gif (4621 bytes)
Dan Thompson Game Calls
Calls/Supplies, Videos, Howlers, Lanyards.
Guns and Hunting Gear in Elma, WA.
Custom Predator Calls. The largest selection of game calls on the Internet!
Hunting, Fishing, Outdoors.
The best prices and the largest in stock inventory of RifleScopes, Binoculars and Spotting Scopes.
All things related to Guns & Hunting.
Safari Trackers Hunting around the world. Very good commercial hunting page with excellent photos.

Rabbit Hunting Online, A place for Rabbit Hunters.

NightVisionMall.Com  - Wholesale Prices on Night Vision Equipment - FREE SHIPPING
Quality Products for the Hunter and Free MP3 Sound downloads.
Info for finding the perfect laser rangefinder for your needs. 
- Dangerous Big Game Specialists.
Cutting edge outdoor goods.
Complete Hunting Products the "One Stop Hunting Shop"
Barrett Rifles The Most Trusted /50 Caliber Rifles in the World.
Check out their Whirling Woodpecker Predator Decoy. a good source for reloading, hunting, and shooting information.
Wiley One Predator Calls.
They sell in 100 quantitys at case discount prices.
Ballistic Polymer Reactive Targets.
Custom Game Call Lanyards, Carriers, Totes, & Calls.
DVD Videos, Turkey and Deer Calls.

Your Tactical Equipment Source and Camouflage Ghillie Suits.
Bear Basin Outfitters Premium Quality Optics.
Thunderbayoptics - Quality Optics at Great Prices
Fishing , Hunting and Outdoor Links.
Kishels Scents for Success.
Calls by Braz Hand made predator calls. Online Farm Supply Store. A website dedicated to hunting in Africa.
Precision Products

Searchable Collection of Free Gun Manuals Over 1,800 Serchable Manuals.
Ammo To Go Online Ammo Store.

ShadeTree Engineering & Accuracy Selling the Improved Esten Tuner.
BUY A Bi-Fur-Pod CUSTOM MADE.... Mark Jones will make you one to your specifications. Click HERE to go to his web page.
Hinterland Outfitters Outdoor sporting retailer of hunting, shooting, and camping supplies.
Wide selection of ghillie suits and ghillie suit kits. Bulk Ammunition for sale. Premium Optics for All Your Outdoor Needs.
XBowsPlus Crossbows for Hunters.
TrueSwords How to hunt with a spear. Hunting the hard way.
North Woods Shooting Sports
A large selection of shooting targets and associated accessories. Ammo for sale online.
Rifle Scope Reviews - Reviews, technical specifications, and comparison charts of rifle scopes.
Buy Bear Pepper Spray Today
Hunt And Fish Guides Get Free Quotes From Hunting Guides, Outfitters, Fishing Guides
Ultimate Pheasant Hunting  
Ultimate Prairie Dog Hunting Online resorce for locating outfitters, guides, and lodges.
BigKs Hunting Blinds Custom Made Hunting Blinds.
Martin's Custom Skulls Skull cleaning with Dermestid Beetles. Preserves size without shrinkage.
Clearidge Optics Manufacturer of Quality Rimfire and Long Range Scopes. Nikon & Bushnell Binoculars, Scopes, And Rangefinders at Low Discount Prices!
Wisconsin More than just hunting Wisconsin.
R.R. Game Calls Custom Predator Calls by Rick Robbins.
Gee-B Game Calls Custom made, Great sounding Predator Calls made since Jan. 2005 Ernie Wilson's Predator Calls and Coyote Howlers including sound files.
Griebel Game Calls They sell a really nice coyote howler. Predator Hunting, Coyotes, Bobcats, Foxes.
Southern Arizona Wildlife Callers A Sportsman's for Predator Hunters.
Outfitter Focus - Find an outfitter for you next hunt here! Big Game Outfitters from around the World.
Everything For Hunting Inc. Hunting Supplies.
Pheasant Hunting Info on Pheasant Hunting.
Ghillie Suit Source A complete line of Ghillie Suits.
Feathers & Fur Varmint Hunting Tours South Africa Varmint Hunting Tours & Game Calls.
Little Valley Ranch Elk, and Northern Whitetail Deer.
Crossbows Crossbows for all of your hunting adventures.
American Whitetail Deer Hunting Resources Books on whitetail deer hunting. Great Whitetail Deer Hunting Tips and Resources. Source for Everything about Whitetail Deer. Hunting for the Rest of Us.
Ghillie Suits Online They'll NEVER see what hit 'em!
Ghillie Suits for Paintball, Airsoft, and Hunting.
Ghillie Suit Clothing for when you want to disappear.
White Mountain Shooting Sticks for open field Varmint hunting.
Airguns Online Complete Airgun & Air Rifle store in the UK.

All About Air Guns History and Design

Flyway Specialties Duck blinds, decoys, raffia, turkey blinds and other unique hunting products.
Mountain Molds Design your own bullet mold. But... Great Info on the Articles Page.
Hunters Pro For professional hunters around the world.
HuntTones Wild Game Ringtones for your cell phone.
Accurate Reloading A group of shooters interested in Hunting, Target Shooting and much more. Good Predator Calling Sequences and Custom Calls
Rocky Mountain Ranches  Colorado Elk, Mule Deer, and Antelope Hunting on Private Ranches in the Colorado Rockies.
L & M Predator Calls  Makers of the finest exotic hardwood varmint calls.
The Optic Zone  The Place for all your optic needs.
Verminator Predator Calls Custom Howlers and more.
HUT Products Supplies to make Game Calls, Duck, Deer, Grunt.
A-1 Hunting and Shooting Supply Over 30,000 discount sporting goods products.
R-P Outdoors Extensive Selection of Gear for Trappers, Callers, and Hunters.
Wolfz Video Productions
E. Arthur Brown Co, Inc. Maker and Supplier of accurate guns, barrels, and more also sell Swift Scopes.
Wilderness Survival Skills Prepare to be a survivor. Learn wilderness survival skills.
Sullivan's Scents & Supply Fur Handling and Trap Line gear.
Rack Shack Factory Replica Eye Catching Antlers.
Big Buck Reproductions,LLC. Retailer of Whitetail, Muledeer, Antelope, Elk and Moose replicas.
North Central Ohio Varmint Express premier groundhog hunting guide service.
Small Caliber News Todd A Kindler's magazine that is The Voice of Small Caliber Shooters.
Gatewood Rifle Stocks  Specializing in custom rifle stocks of beautiful wood.
Reamer Rentals & Precision Gun Parts  
American Hunting Rifles When varmint calibers aren't large enough.
Precision Rifle Custom Muzzleloder Bullets. Check out their shooting sticks! Some good ideas.
Airguns of Arizona  Full line of air rifles & pistols plus more.
Airgun Megastore Airguns for Hunting & More.
The Outdoor Channel  Check it out. They have added new Hunting Programs for 2000.
Australian Hunting Safaris  Hunting down under, including varmints.
Desert Bull Hunting Services  Helping unguided, "do-it-yourself" hunters in Arizona.
Lonesome Pine Knives  The Best In Bench Crafted Knives & Knife hunting for wild boar! Not for the tender hearted!!
TJ General Store Name Brand hunting, shooting, and outdoor equipment.
African Econo Hunter How we hunt cheap game and varmint (jackal, our "coyote") in Africa.
African Varmint Safaris Guided Hunting Safaris of a unique "low-budget" nature.
Calling Coyotes  Video Tape and Calls.
Ghillie Suits  The magnum of camo.
Tree Lounge  An excellent climbing tree stand. I have one and it works.
Varmint Masters, LLC Makers of the portable BenchRest Pivot (BR Pivot).
Hop-A-Long Outdoor Products Located in Alaska.
A. G. Russell Fine Knives.
Artic Circle Knife Custom Knives from Sweden
Cockrell's High Desert Guest Ranch Lodging In Cedarville & Surprise ValleyRight in the heart of Northern California's best ground squirrel hunting locations.
Shooter's Oasis. Guns, Ammo, and Calls. Plus they have the new Sightron rifle scopes!!
Natchez Web Site Natchez Shooters Supplies & MORE. These guys know the products.
Weazel Ball Toy The Playful Weazel (That is how they spell it) Chases & Jumps. The Rolling Motor Ball -- Makes a coyote decoy.
RV Recreations
Hawk Bullets The World's Premier Custom Bullet Manufacturer.  Seeds for Attracting Wildlife and more.

Ground Squirrels, Coyotes and Predation Information
Tim's Coyote Links Great page for all kinds of information on coyotes.
The Coyote Canis latrans  Coyote information.
Skinning the Coyote
California Ground Squirrel Info More California Ground Squirrel Info.
All About Hanta Virus It cause HPS and is carried by rodents, especially the deer mouse.
Desert Coyote Some info on California coyotes.

    My first award!

Life Member of NRA and VHA Member #20082

NRA Discount Enrollment Center

Reloading, Hardware, and Information Links
Ol' Buffalo Metallic Cartridge Handloading Guide Excellent Info on Reloading.
Reloading Blog.
Shooter's Oasis. Guns, Ammo, and Calls. Plus they have the new Sightron rifle scopes.
Recreational Software, Inc. Software & Instrumentation Technology for the Shooting Sports.
Berger Bullets They have very accurate bullets, both bare and Moly-coated.
Hawk Precision Bullets
"SOFT" copper-jacketed hunting bullets.
Bruno Shooters Supply Full-line supplier of goods for the discriminating shooter -- benchrest, target, or varmint.
Reloading PowdersThis page has links to most powder
Sinclair International The BEST in precision reloading tools.
Small Caliber News Todd A Kindler's magazine that is The Voice of Small Caliber Shooters.
James Calhoon  Fine Shooting Bullets & very Informative Articles.
Chuck Hawks Rifle Cartridge Page Info on most rifle cartridges.
Corbin Bullet Swaging Technology Make your own bullets.
Redding Reloading Equipment
High-quality reloading dies. (Very artistic site, but tough to navigate.)
RCBS Reloading Center.
Stony Point Accuracy tools for reloading.
CH Tool & Die / 4D Custom Die Co. A complete line of firearms ammunition reloading equipment.
The Reload Bench
Rifle Cartridge Histories & Dimensions.
Old Western Scrounger Ammunition
Want hard-to-find brass? Here is the place.
A unique and effective resizing die for belted magnum brass.
Fred The Re-Loader Interesting information on reloading.
Littleton's Shotmaker A tool to make your own bird shot out of wheel weights.
The 243 Ackley Improved Information Page If you have a 243 Ackley Improved, this page is for you.
Mike J's 6mm Ackley Improved Reloading PageCheck out Mike J's brand new web page and share your loading data.
Natchez Web Site Natchez Shooters Supplies & MORE. These guys know the products.
Digital Reloader For those who like to keep complete records
Originally Bill Wade's 22 Hornet Page, now Centerfire CentralA great page dedicated to reloading.
Hawk Bullets The world's premier custom bullet manufacturer.
Pantera Gun & Reloading Center An interesting site.

RELOADING MANUALS ONLINE.... There are several reloading manuals on the web. Let me know if you find others and I will list them here.

VihtaVuori Oy Powder Web site with rifle and pistol reloading data. Very clean burning, but expensive powder.
IMR Smokeless Powders Reloading Data Manual for Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun.
Hornady Load Notes Page Reloading information for varmint calibers.
Accurate Arms Company Load Data Index
Accurate Reloading  
Reloader's Nest Many calibers and loads listed.
Check out Master Sgt. Jim Owen's info on Moly.

Shooting and Gun Links

rec.guns FAQ Home Pagegood.gif (189 bytes)A wealth of firearm information. Trigger adjustments, targets, and more.
Sniper Country Some very good information on long range shooting techniques.
Real Guns Loaded with info, original content, and a great archives.
Kelbly's Precision Benchrest Rifles and Actions.
Techshooter's Shooting Pages A very interesting and informative site.
Colorado School of Trades Gunsmith School
Complete Guide to Gunsmithing Schools Online
Accurate & Reliable Rifle Gear and Info for AR-15 Rifles and Competition Shooters.
Haus of Guns Practical Gun & Gear Reviews
ArmsVault Gateway to firearm related information.
2A Gear Shooting supplies, gun accessories, shooting rests, gun vises, brass catchers, targets.
Rock River Arms Varmint Rifles that allow for a fast follow up shot.
Wild Dog Rifle Stocks Wild Dog rifle stocks are now available in the USA.
Les Jones Gun Links More than just links. Information about each link.
Rifle Silhouette Shooting Great Reloading Tips & Articles.
Rebarreling and Home-Shop Machining Very interesting site with lots of original content.
Secrets of the Houston Warehouse
Roy's Precision Shooting Page Roy has a good article about the 17 Mach IV. Check it out!  An excellent page with various reloading & testing.
Saubier Small Caliber Site  Very good information on the 17's, check it out.
Fifty Caliber Shooters Association It is worth going to this page just to see the muzzle brake flash and recoil!!!
Bill Wade's 22 Hornet Page A great page dedicated to the 22 Hornet, loads and game.
SST's Rifle Room Hunting and Shooting links.
4D Products Source to Rent Chamber Reamers & Gunsmithing Tools.
Backyard Ballistics Potato guns and other fun experiments.
How do bullets fly?  External Ballistics info Independent testing and evaluation of Guns and Gear with NO ads.
The SMART STOCKTM Barrel harmonic vibration tuning.
Rifle Stock Finishing, Refinishing and Building Information page on more than stock refinishing and building.
The Shooter's Corner Ed has done an excellent job on his new shooting page.
BigGameInfo Online Ballistic Calculator. Fast and easy. No downloading or adding software.
The Ballistic Coefficient of Rifle Bullets.
What is Ballistic Coefficient and How is it Calculated.
JBM Ballistics Software.
Modern Ballistcs Small arms exterior Ballistics Program simulates many variables.
Hornady's Sweet Seventeen  
Field Testing Ruger's .17 Magnum The Model 77/17 may just be the hottest rimfire of the year. 
Ruger K77/17 Varmint.
Airgun Megastore Airguns for Hunting & More.

Commercial Guns & Shooting Pages

Thompson/Center Arms
bullbery.gif (7581 bytes)Bullberry Barrel Works Ltd.Excellent Barrels and Stock Work for the Contender and Encore.
MidSouth Shooters Supply  has the BEST price on the new 17 HMR ammo.
. Good prices on optics. Riflescopes, Binoculars, & Spotting Scopes
Home of Precision Rifle Actions.

Lilja Precision Rifle Barrels made from rifle barrel quality, 416-type stainless and 4140-type chrome-moly steels manufactured in the U.S.
The best 6mm BR Norma & 6mm BR Improved resource on the Internet.
Look Up FFL Dealers in your Zip Code Area.
Online Auction of Firearms & Accessories.
The Premier Source for Custom 3 Point Tactical Slings.
IdleBack Shooting Chairs for Field Use.
WIDENER'S Reloading & Shooting Supply
Gun Manuals in .pdf Format Downloads.
One Hole Gunworks Extremely Accurate Custom Rifles and Pistols.
Mike Bellm
Specializing in Customizing T/C Contender and Encore Firearms. Plus information about barrels, cleaning and much more.
Encore Disassembly/Reassembly & Trigger Jobs Made Easy  
Small Caliber News Todd A Kindler's magazine that is The Voice of Small Caliber Shooters.
Nesika Bay Precision Makers of world-renown competition bolt actions and rifles
Shilen's BarrelsHere are the twist rates that Shilen uses for various bullets.
Richard's Custom Rifles Varmint Rifles a Specialty.'s Springfield Armrory Rifle Page View photos and information about Springfield Armory rifles. Find a Springfield Armory dealer near you.
The LIST Benchrest Rifles and equipment and much more!
Bruno Shooters Supply Full-line supplier of goods for the discriminating shooter -- benchrest, target, or varmint.
Welcome to GunsmitherTM Tools  
Reamer Rentals & Precision Gun Parts
American Gunsmithing Institute  Various Gunsmithing courses.
U.S. Fire Arms Mfg. Co.  US Army Colt replicas, Cowboy Action Revolvers, and more.
Brownells Complete Gunsmith Catalog
Nor-Cal Precision Home of the World's most accurate Remington rifles.
Small Caliber News Todd Kindler's Magazine "The Voice of Small Caliber Shooters!"
Hot Flash Gun Refinishing Service  
Beartooth Bullets  Loads of useful info.
Pressure (Fire) Lapping Kits from NECO
Precision Riflesmithing Mike Bryant - Riflesmith
Savage Arms, Inc.
Pantera Gun & Reloading Center An interesting site.
Load From a Disk for Windows Internal and External ballistics software for Windows
Rodball Small Arms Ballistics Calculator.
The Shooter's Corner, Inc. Huge list of Used BR and Varmint guns.
Tactical Intervention Precision Rifle Accessories for Professional & Civilian Marksmen.
Ray Riling Arms Books Co.  Books on Guns and Shooting.

Gun Parts
The Gun Parts Corp
Chestnut Ridge Supply
Parts and More
Sarco, Inc. Firearms, Parts & Accessories  
Gun Parts Corporation Supplier of Firearm Parts & Accessories. 

Computer-Printable Targets on the web at:

Miscellaneous and Interesting Links

OutsideHow --- Rocky Mountain National Park Travel Guide

United States Zip Code MAP

Anyplace in America Topo Maps, Points of Interests and Places to Visit

Fly Fishing Info and Gear Used Football & Sports Recuiting Info.
MECHANICAL ENGINEERING SCHOOLS List of top Mechanical Engineering Schools Find Info on the latest Tech News & Gadgets
Techenomics International Lubricating oil sample analysis and testing, temperature, vibration and condition monitoring. Finite Element Analysis Information.
John Crowley, Inc. Fabricating Weldments from 8 to 85,000 lb.
ENSYS Engineering Training Online Engineering Continuing Education Courses.
Where I buy some of my computer components.
Land for Sale in South Africa Game Farms in South Africa.
Neal Pritchett Pages Very interesting and diverse reading.
Survival For those who wish to improve or learn emergency survival skills.
T-PostStepper Climb metal post barbed wire fences with ease and without damage to the fence.
Capt. Blaine Townsend Fishing Charters
Fishing Pictures Central Fishing is fun too. Good pictures here.
Fishing GearLocal reports world wide help anglers learn where the fish are biting, what is working best, and communicate about their local fishing area. Search on fishing locations or types of fish to catch.
Broken Hill's Outback Tours Lots of Wildlife and Legendary Outback Hospitality.
The Fish Sniffer The #1 Newspaper in the West Dedicated to Fisherman.
Your one stop web shop for Personal Protection Products and much much more.

MAKE YOUR OWN WEB PAGE.... It is lots of fun to have your own page on the World Wide Web. I started with the Notepad editor and just doing the simplest of things on a single page. It all grew from there and now I can talk to people all around the world. You will need a site for your page on the web. Below is one of the many places where you can start. You can use FrontPage Express to make your web page. 

Making your own web page is easier than you think. Here is a "Quick Start" Guide with a sample web site for downloading.

Quick Start Web Page Guide

These are web pages that use the  info about Making your very own web page.
BARK Berryessa Amateur Radio Klub
New web site in Elma, WA. Andy is doing a very good job.
Two Acre Wood A beautiful part of Canada.


Check out The Armed Informed Mother's March. Click on the banner.

Conservative Talk Radio

Conservative Side of the Web. "Feel-Good" Liberals beware - Logic Here!

Oregon Hunters Association Hunter's Rights - Huntable Wildlife - Habitat
FREE REPUBLIC News and comment, minute by minute in the forum threads. From the FReepers, not the networks!
JUDICIAL WATCH Larry Klayman is doing a GREAT job. He gets results!

Conservative Columnists
Tired of the Liberal News. Read some real columns. 
World Net Daily A Free Press For A Free People.
Gun Rights  
TheOrator's Bill Page 
Project Vote SmartIf you want the voting record of a candidate, check here.
Radical Gun Nuttery! A collection of tips, tricks, and hints for gun-rights advocates. Conservative News and Information.
Young America's Foundation The Voice of Freedom on Campus by young conservatives.
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute Learn the "Street Proven" Firearms Skills You Need to Safely Protect Yourself and Others.
Neal Pritchett's NotPerfect Pages Good conservative writing.
G.G.U.N.R.A.M.C. Golden Gate United National Rifle Association Members Council
Jeff Head's Liberty Page Give me Liberty or Give me Death.
SECOND AMENDMENT FOUNDATION! Actions instead of Words! Mayors are being sued by this group.
Backwoods Home Magazine Practical ideas for self-reliant living.
Free Congress Research and Education Foundation Real Audio of past events.
THE JUNK SCIENCE HOME PAGEHere is all the Junk Science that is fit to DEBUNK.
PJ's Comix Political Cartoons very well done.
Conservative Columnists Tired of the Liberal News. Read some real columns.
Second Amendment Law Library Legal Scholarship on the Second Amendment.
Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership
Reason Foundation
Firearms Coalition The Firearms Hard Corps Home Page.
Gun Owners of California Meet the hardest hitting, most effective, toughest fighting pro-gun organization in California.
Gun Owners of America The only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington.

Executive Orders Presidential Power not designated by the Constitution
Steve Vaus America's Voice Meet the most dangerous singer-songwriter in America today.
Landmark Legal Foundation
Political Humor -
Gun Rights Tags-1 A list of good oneliners supporting Gun Rights
Gun Rights Tags-2 A list of good oneliners supporting Gun Rights
Bloomfield Press Publisher of gun law books.

Lathes and Machinery Links

Get materials from Online Metals in any quantities/sizes.
Sherline Products On-Line Lathe, Mill and Accessory Catalog
JET Equipment & Tool
Lathessuper.gif (253 bytes)Small lathe archives in the UK.
metal lathe, TURRET LATHE, precision lathe, M.

Machine Tool Catalogs and Metal Suppliers Links

Rutland Tool & Supply Co., Inc
Grizzly Home Page

Many Saving Coupons To Chouse From.

Get materials from Online Metals in any quantities/sizes.
MSC Industrial Supply Co
KBC TOOLS AND MACHINERY, INC  Lathe tools, milling tools and tool holders repair and reconditions lathe tools, milling tools and tool holders to meet or exceed the manufacturer’s specifications for a fraction of the cost.
AC Manufacturing Precision CNC Milling / Turning / Prototype & Production
Gear Industry Home Page--Gear Technology maga.
Stock Drive Products - Sterling Instrument
All Electronics Corp Electronic & Electro-Mechanical Parts and Supplies & Gears with the same metric pitch as the Mini Lathe's.
Micro-Mark The Small Tool Specialists
Bearings & Industrial Sales Inc. Great Prices Great Delivery Knowledgeable People
LittleMachineShop.comParts and accessories for mini lathes and mini mills

Metal Working Pages Links

check.gif (165 bytes)7 x 10 Mini Lathe Owner's Groupsuper.gif (253 bytes)Owners of the Chinese 7x10 Mini Lathes marketed by Harbor Freight.
Frank Hoose's Mini Lathe Pagesuper.gif (253 bytes)
Jose's Machining Information & Tooling Pagesuper.gif (253 bytes)Jose Rodriguez has written an excellent web page.
Ty's HF 7x10 Mini Lathe Pagesuper.gif (253 bytes)Great page with many useful improvements including pictures and drawings.
Dave's Home Machine Shop  super.gif
        (253 bytes)A very well done web page on the Mini Lathe and other small machine tools.
Denker's Metalworking Homepage Some good ideas for lathe improvements and projects.
Majosoft's Hobby Site Everything about Self Made CNC Engraving Machines.
Alan's Lathemaster 8x14 Lathe  Good info and more of a precision lathe.
The Hermit's Machine Shop Some excellent modifications for the Mini Lathe here.
R.A. Sommer's Hobby Machine Shop Info on the 3-in-1 Lathe/Mill/Drill Press.
Vikki's Website  Some excellent modifications for the Mini Lathe.
Guy Lautard's Books, Plans, Videos & Workshop Accessories. You can buy The Machinist's Bedside Readers directly from the author.
Mini Lathe Compound Rest Upgrade  How to use a ball bearing for smoother operation
Owen's Page  Check the Model Engineering section
J. Kelly McCoy's Home Machine Shop With mill and 9x20 lathe.
Sherline Lathe Instructions Good information pages for the beginning machinist.
TS Engineering Inc. They make a QC Toolpost of the correct size for the Mini Lathe.
A Lot of Brass, Metal heads and Machinist L.
Home Metal Shop Club
Jerry E. Howell Model Project Plans & Kits Home Page
Metal Web News A Virtual Newsletter for the Online Metal Enthusiasts.
Metal - Home page
Metal Scraping
Metal scraping techniques in detail.

Ham Radio Links

I am a member of the Berryessa Amateur Radio Klub.
Check out the BARK web site.
Radio Education Articles, Guides, and Tutorials
RadioTronics Two Way Radios By Industry
Nevada-Sierra County A.R.E.S. Ham Radio Forum. There is a Packet Radio thread.
Amateur Radio Relay League ARRL is the best source for all Ham radio information.
Jave Morse Code Translator  Type in text and hear it sent back in Morse Code
QRZ.COM Look up callsigns here.
Nevada County ARES Also the WOLF:KG6BAJ-4 packet node.
APRS Automatic Position Reporting System  Info on  APRS
Calaveras Amateur Radio Society A Friendly Ham Club!
Mount Diablo Amateur Radio Club
Joshua's Ham Radio Page
The Las Cumbres Amateur Radio Club
Introduction to Packet Radio by Larry Kenney, WB9LOZ
Calif Amateur Radio Users NetCARUN Also a Packet Network in the Bay Area on 145.05 MHz.
Siskiyou County, California A.R.E.S Web Page
Siskiyou County Ameteur Radio N6MRX Frank (N6MRX) has made a comprehensive web site for Ham Radio in North Eastern California.
GeoClock Sunlight Clock A program to view sunlight at anytime worldwide.
The Home of Packet Radio Networking
Welcome to Copperopolis, CA  Wind and Solar power by Martin.
Tucson Amateur Packet Radio (TAPR) Home Page
B. A. R. K. Home Page The Berryessa Amateur Radio Klub 146.970..PL-123.0 & 444.100..PL-71.9 on Berryessa Peak and covers North Central California.
WA6BOB's Web Page  Many very good links to ham radio sites.
Ralph Fowler's Atlanta Ham Radio APRS GPS H.
Complete Guide to Using and Building Packet Radio Networks
Run APRS® On Your BayPac (03-29-00)

Bart (sire)                 Tide (son)

Visit Bart's Page | Visit Tide's Page | Bart & Tide's Breeder

Labrador Retriever Links:
Shih Tsu Expert Dog Health and Equipment.
BAYSIDE LABRADORS The breeder who gave us Bart and Tide.
BrioBriton Labrador Retrievers Breeding-for the love of Labradors
Kelton Labradors Top Quality Labs for the show ring, field, and as family companions.
Read all about the history of the very first Labradors!
Ancient Oak Ranch Labrador Retrievers.
"Blackie" my Black Labrador Retriever Great stories about a excellent hunting dog.
List of Labrador Pedigrees
The Labrador Retriever Club
Tar River Retrivers in Greenville, NC.
Labrador Retriever Dogs Chat Board A Forum that talks about Labrador Retrievers.
Dog Collars - Hundreds of dog collars and designer dog collars for any size dog or pet. Choose from an absolutely huge selection at discount and wholesale prices. The best place to do for Dog collars.

LabShowing  A Yahoo Discussion Group for Showing Labrador Retrievers in Conformation, Obedience, Agility.. etc.
LabChat  A Yahoo Discussion Group for people interested in Labrador Retrievers.
Nightwind Labradors  Labs who can "Do It All". Buy & sell - Lurchers, Terriers, Gundogs and Falcons etc. online or find a Gunshop.
Cat-Dog-Names Large Collection of Cat and Dog names. Cat and dog names based on color, gender, country of origin and other categories. Help in choosing a name for your dog.
Friends Around the World Dog Web Pages.
Dobbs Training Center  Information on Retriever Training
Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Club Mary Ann is a member of this club.
Apronstrings Pet Sitting  Serving Central Contra County, California
The Merck Veterinary Manual
Pet Tags Direct Stainless Steel and Brass Pet Tags

Hunting Dogs USA

Bichon Frise related LINKS:
Bichon Friends Around the World Bichon Web Pages.
Apronstrings Pet Sitting Serving Central Contra County, California
Heartfelt Impressions  Greeting Cards to touch your heart with a Bichon Frise theme.
Dog Dog training and behavior issues plus dog search.
Mimi and Rocky's Bichonland Excellent resource page for Bichons.
Brodie's World View the adventures of the Bichon Bodie. Great pictures.
Bichon Frise in Finland All in Finnish.
Janice Sheehy's Home Pages
Bichon Frise Club of America
Mr. Widget Says Hello!
Small Paws Rescue Rescue for Bichons in Tulsa Oklahoma
Mimi's Bichonland
BichonFrise-L -- Pros and Cons of Bichon Fris
Dog Owner's GuideProfile: The Bichon Frisé
Bichons on the Web(AND Chipper
Bichon Frise FAQ
Robin's Canine Cancer Files Excellent page on dog health.


Freeality Internet Search for phone numbers, email, people and much more.
QRZ.COM Look up Ham Radio Callsigns here.
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language
Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary
BoardReader A search engine for message boards.
FindSounds Search the Web for Sound Files

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