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Eleven years old and required to choose a country.
Freedom or Family?
This email from Jose is reproduced with permission.


I just happened upon your web site and added it to my favorites.

I have not had the time to go through it in detail, but will return to it whenever I have a few free moments.

I've been in The United States of America since February 18, 1962. My parents gave me a choice, I could either go (from Cuba) to Spain, where I had second cousins, aunts and uncles, or I could come to The United States of America, to live in a refugee camp run by the Catholic Church. To me the choice was simple, even at the age of 11 I knew that Spain did not have a heritage of liberty and individual freedom, I chose to come here, lived in the refugee camp and then with a foster family until my parents were able to leave the island a year later.

Anyway, my Dad was a hunter, I started going on hunting trips with my Dad and friends at an early age. I think around the age of 8 I was entrusted with my first pellet rifle, so I could learn about fire arm safety. By the time I turned 10 I was allowed to take a 22 caliber rifle on hunting trips and occasionally I would shoot Dad's 410.

I'll never forget the day, in 1960, when the revolutionary police came to our home (and to all the other homes where fire arms were registered) to confiscate our fire arms. Castro had barely been in power one year, but this step would insure that he would remain in power for many years.

We didn't have any military fire arms (with the exception of Dad's 9mm Luger, which he managed to pass on to a friend, as it was not registered), but they took our hunting guns. The prize was a 20 gauge made by Victor Sarrasqueta in Spain with a beautiful pheasant hunting scene scrolled on the onion skin thin barrels. Even in those days the gun was appraised at well over $1000. Today it would be priceless. You can be sure a high ranking member of the Communist Party ended up with that gun.

Anyway, they took everything they could find including my pellet rifle and 22 rifle. I guess they felt safer with their Kalishnikoff's knowing that an 11 year old kid didn't have a 22 or a pellet rifle to shoot at them.

Then, wouldn't you know it, after they had all the guns they started confiscating all private property, cars, homes, businesses, everything!

Folks, I love this country and it breaks my heart to see our freedoms usurped little by little, usually in the name of safety, or "the children". I get tears in my eyes whenever I read The Declaration of Independence. I love The Preamble to The Constitution of The United States of America and the Bill of Rights.

I love your web site.

One little funny story you might appreciate and then I'll go. Dad passed away a few years ago (in Toledo, Ohio). I managed to get to Toledo (from Minnesota) the day he died. That night I was at the house, going through papers, throwing away all the unnecessary stuff, you know, general clean up. Anyway, I asked Mom for Dad's pistol, she showed me where he kept it, in his night stand by the bed. I took it and popped out the clip, pulled back on the carriage and boy, did I get a surprise! Out comes a round! Dad kept one in the chamber! Holy Christ! I thought, What's Dad doing with a round in the chamber! Well, I thought about it for a minute after my initial shock, and it occurred to me that he was right. After all, the purpose of the pistol was the protection of his home and family, what better way to do it than being prepared to fire at a moment's notice?

Now, I don't advocate keeping a round in the chamber, I've got four kids and I don't even keep the clip in the pistol (my wife won't let me and I'm a wuss, I do whatever it takes to keep her happy), but Dad was right.

Best regards,


[I asked for permission to post Jose's email on my Gun Rights & Politics Web Page and here is his reply]


Please feel free, I would be honored.

I've been meaning for some time to put to paper my experiences in the U.S. of A, but have never really found the time. I've started a few times, but either the wife has something more pressing and important, or one of the kids is having
a crisis.

Just this weekend I had occasion to explain to my 8th grade daughter just why we have a right to bear arms, and from whom the Founding Fathers meant that we should be able to protect ourselves.

Wouldn't it be nice if we had a Republican President and Congress and they worked together, not to pass laws, but to repeal all the unnecessary laws that have been passed over the past 60+ years? (I can dream, can't I?)

Best regards,


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