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Mary Ann Harral my darling wife 1929 - 2009
Our time together was a dream time of happiness.
Mary Ann passed away 10/5/9.
She was a good person and the gates of heaven will be wide waiting for her.
God Bless.
Al Harral

Bichon Frise Page: Max (Pamela Helen's Max of Bethel UD) and Mary Ann

Max of Bethel UD max3.jpg

Max earned his UD maxud.gif
June 17, 1991 - June 2, 2005
The Rainbow Bridge

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Bichon Friends Around the World Bichon Web Pages.

If you see any pictures you like, you are welcome to them. 

I just got back from the groomer and it was HOT!

Here are Oscar and Delta. Their short hair is much cooler than mine.

Meet Bartholomew our new Black Lab. He sure is getting special treatment and the puppy chow tastes good when Al is not looking. Little Bart has his own page and is a lot bigger now. Click HERE to visit Bart's page.

Black Bart in his Basket Home on the Web bb1.jpg (48679 bytes) This is Al's new black cat. He was starving up at Al's cabin where someone dumped him off. He now owns the computer room and likes the top of the monitor where it is warm in winter. Al put a basket on top of the monitor and that is his Home Site on the World Wide Web.

Black Bart yawn catbyte2.jpg (11767 bytes) A good yawn after looking into the camera and he feels better. He still hisses at the other dogs, but not me.

Black Bart resting up for the next food bowl catbyte3.jpg (25306 bytes) After all those trips around the web and the stressful picture session, he is completely tired out. When he is relaxing up on the monitor, I can check his food bowl. Cat food is not steak, but it is OK. Sometimes I clean up his milk bowl when Al is not looking.

Mary Ann and me with our new UKC Champion Ribbons. I would rather go swimming.

Thank you Judge Sharon Curry for awarding me the ribbons.


APRIL 1993

Swimming with the BIG dogs. max4.jpgBoy! Am I dirty. max5.jpg
Swimming is fun, but I sure get dirty.

Being clean is no fun! max7.jpgCan I go swimming again?

I could really jump higher. max6.jpgI think jumping is fun if I can show off!

Ribbons are for girls. max9.jpgI look like a girl when they make me wear a ribbon!

  I like the opposite sex best! max8.jpg
Best of Op. Sex
Contra Costa Co.

Oct 1992

Pamela Helens Max Of Bethel UD - NM29247603

  Conformation - Awards Processed Through 08-NOV-2002
Number of Points 6
Number Major Wins 1
Number Major Judges 1
Total Number Judges 3

  Obedience - Awards Processed Through 08-NOV-2002
Number of Points 0
Number Different Judges 3
Number Qualifying Scores 4
Number Wins Open 0
Number Wins Utility 0
Number of Points 0
Number Different Judges 3
Number Qualifying Scores 3
Number Wins Open 0
Number Wins Utility 0
Number of Points 0
Number Different Judges 3
Number Qualifying Scores 3
Number Wins Open 0
Number Wins Utility 0

Eppie is my younger sister. I hope Eppie will wake up for these new pictures.

I bring a glow to Mary Ann. snow4.jpg (34724 bytes)

Notice how I light up Mary Ann when she holds me. Eppie is still asleep.

My step sister Eppie. maxtem1.jpg (23425 bytes)

Eppie is 3 years old and she is finally awake and ready to smell the flowers.  

maxtem2.jpg (30016 bytes)

Kelvin Lerch is the breeder of all these dogs.  He is holding Page and Chappie (Page One and Chapter Two) while Max looks on. Eppie(in the crate) is Epilogue, to keep the book theme of the mother and grandmother.  Is that a Sandicast Bichon in the bookcase?

maxtem3.jpg (30004 bytes)

Eppie and yours truly enjoying the daffodils that herald spring.

maxtem4.jpg (21417 bytes)

Eppie, up close and personal.

maxtem5.jpg (14206 bytes)

Eppie visits the San Francisco Bay and Shoreline Regional Park.

maxtem6.jpg (22873 bytes)

Eppie's beautiful daddy, Eros, bred and shown by Sherry Swarts.

Gotta run. I hear Mary Ann whistling for me now. She just crossed over the bridge.

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